We got sick of being in the city and need a little time away. So we headed up to Kamloops. About a four-hour drive.

We stayed at the Sandman Signature Kamloops Hotel. Overall the hotel was nice. We enjoy staying in suites. Checking was not optimal. But the room was comfortable and had a decent view. Room service was great! The pool and gym area was a little small. But we didn’t mind as we only spent a couple of hours at the actual hotel.

The first day we rented Kayaks from Bruker Marina. They were comfortable with nice back rests. The attendant was very knowledgeable, and made sure we knew what we were doing, and comfortable on the water before they let us go. It was a great day of relaxing and catching up with each other.

The second day we rented Sea Doos at Shuswap Lake from Bayside Rentals. Highly recommended rental place if you ever find yourself on Shuswap Lake! They were awesome. Lots of power and speed. We zipped around the lake all day. Gergely is a crazy driver. It definitely extended to his Sea Doo driving as well! We raced each other and weaved in and out of other boats wakes.

Shuswap Lake itself is beautiful. You’re surrounded by big beautiful mountains and forests as far as the eyes can see. My nature loving self was again fulfilled.

We found some beach space and enjoyed being in each others presence. Once again the act of unplugging and enjoying actually being present was so rewarding for each of us and our relationship. It was so great to reconnect again.

It’s amazing how you can live with someone yet not feel entirely connected to them. Relationships take a lot of maintaining and hard work. Our favorite way to reconnect and check in with each other is through travel. Both close to home and abroad.


Sitting Deck Side


Drink Break!

If you’re interested in hearing about a particular adventure we’ve been on, leave a comment and I’ll post about it next!

Thanks, hope you enjoyed!

“You don’t build a bond without being present.” — James Earl Jones


Posted by:Gergely & Nadege Laczko

Hi! Welcome to our blog! We are Gergely and Nadege. Gergely was born in Hungary and Nadege was born in Haiti. We found each other through a dating app in Vancouver, Canada and have been inseparable since. Join us on our crazy adventure we call life. We will be sharing about our relationship, home and world travels! Enjoy!

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