As you get to know us better you will come to understand that I’m your typical “glamper” or 5 star hotel type of person. Gergely is more of a “roughing it” and staying in hostels type. Or so I thought.

For Gergely’s first birthday together I decided to take him camping at Green Lake. I know, ring the alarms! We packed up the SUV and drove the 4.5 hours. We arrived and it was breathtaking.

I absolutely love stand up paddle boarding. So I took this opportunity to share my joy. Gergely was a fast learner and soon we were cruising up and down the lake. The water was crystal clear, silky, and warm. The sun shone brightly down on us. The nice thing about Green lake is it’s not over populated. So it felt like we had the whole lake to ourselves.

We’d been dating for just under a year. Now came the task of setting up our campsite. Being a guy that I thought enjoyed “roughing it” from the stories I’d heard, setting up the tent would’ve been a breeze. Turns out neither of us knew how to set up a tent! Of course we didn’t have the manual either. We both looked at each other, looked at the tent laying in pieces on the ground, and over at the beautiful setting sun. We had to learn this tent setting up business and fast! Thank goodness for iPhones and Google! A couple of hours later with the sun at rest and the glow of the moon light we had done it. We set up our first tent!

In BC we have many forest fires. In the summer they put in effect fire bans. Unfortunately hot cocoa by the warmth of the fire side wouldn’t be in the books for this trip. I did however make Gergely roasted Starburst (over a propane camp stove of course) which he’d never had before!

Much to my nature loving delight, we laid a blanket on the picnic table, stargazed, and talked for hours. We grew so much closer just from that simple act of unplugging, leaving the comfort of our city life, and basking in the glory of unfiltered nature.

Paddle Boarding
Tent Setting Up

If you’re interested in hearing about a particular adventure we’ve been on, leave a comment and I’ll post about it next!

Thanks, hope you enjoyed!

“Happiness only real when shared.” ~ Chris McCandless, Into the Wild

Posted by:Gergely & Nadege Laczko

Hi! Welcome to our blog! We are Gergely and Nadege. Gergely was born in Hungary and Nadege was born in Haiti. We found each other through a dating app in Vancouver, Canada and have been inseparable since. Join us on our crazy adventure we call life. We will be sharing about our relationship, home and world travels! Enjoy!

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